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Polyloop, lauréat de l’appel à projet de l’ADEME (PIA).

«The Polyloop demonstrator: a new generation of recycling, adapted to tomorrow's requirements»

The Polyloop composite materials regeneration project, led by Gabriel Faysse and Romain Ferrari, is officially selected by ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) as part of the "Circular Economy and Waste Recovery" call for projects launched for the 2019 session. Thus, the start-up and its partners receive financial support of €2,737,825 to develop a physical-chemical recycling unit for PVC-based composites in Smart Factory, integrated into a 40 feet container.

What is the context of the Polyloop start-up?

The call for projects launched by ADEME aims to support initiatives implementing resource saving and reducing environmental impact, but also to encourage a transition to a circular economy. If Polyloop is now one of the distinguished projects, it is because it has been able to fully meet the priorities formulated and particularly the 3rd axis "collection, sorting, waste preparation and recycling of the materials". Polyloop is developing a process for regeneration of PVC based composites without depolymerization thanks to a tested and approved selective dissolution process. It confirms its ability to reach a high recycling yield on the energy consumption and raw material value. Furthermore, this technology has an approach in "Batch" process that ensures strict traceability of each batch of recycled material.

The compact equipment, plug and play into an industrial plastic transformation site, allows the direct reuse of regenerated materials at the users' site.

The Polyloop solution decentralizes the recycling function and promotes the emergence of a multi-stakeholder ecosystem in a circular economy at a local level.

Financial assistance of public funds of €2,737,825:

This aid will enable Polyloop to finance its industrialisation phase by drawing on the experience of the Texyloop large-scale plant, and downscale-it towards an integrated "plug and play" recycling equipment. In order to succeed in this re-engineering challenge, Polyloop has concluded partnerships with a consortium of regional partners bringing together the best available expertise. The entire program receives funding.

Among these partners, there is Serge Ferrari, first customer of Polyloop, the world leader in flexible composite materials and historical operators of the Texyloop® process in the past. The partner in charge integrating the technology into the container is MTB Recycling, a global player in the development of compact recycling units. Finally, the Cethil laboratory, within INSA Lyon, a scientific public centre specialised in energy management, will carry out research and development work on the high-efficiency energy conversion module required to operate the Polyloop unit.

The development of such a technology in a safe mode, whose compactness implies an integration into the shoehorn in a container is a major technical challenge! The consortium will work to maintain a tight schedule for the development phase in order to ensure a first delivery at the end of 2022 for the first units.

A few words from the founders:

Gabriel Faysse - Co-founder: "It seems obvious to me that the recycling lever that makes it possible to have a real impact on the sobriety of materials and energy is found among manufacturers! It is therefore necessary to bring the recycling solution to their production site. We have come to the following conclusion: the value of our own waste is always considered to be much higher than that of a mix of external materials that are difficult to trace. This vision leads us to offer this "pure batch" recycling approach, designed in collaboration with the operator and its ecosystem, aiming at a high value of the recycled material, directly reusable onsite. »

Romain Ferrari - Co-founder: “After the closure of the Italian recycling plant, I dreamed of being able to revive this process on a smaller scale, by imagining the creation of a network of small specialized units that could allow the meshing of a territory for the local recycling of these composite materials so difficult to process. We measured how embarrassing the lack of solutions available on the market was for customers. Large chemical recycling plants didn’t reached the expected level in recycling, because sometimes leading to low-value substances, while Polyloop offers real material regeneration without depolymerisation. »


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