Polyloop solution

Adapted to yours needs

On your industrial site, the equipment
processes 300kg batches in 3 hours

High quality material

High level of separation of constituents, which guarantees purity of regenerated materials, reusable immediately


Plug-and-play equipment, completed by optional modules: energy, pre-treatment or post-treatment (sieving, colouring, energy production)


The equipment is configured according to
your material to be processed

Selective Dissolution
and precipitation

Video of the process

Detailed process

  • 1


    Plastic waste is first checked and crushed

  • 2


    A closed-loop solvent is used to selectively dissolve the constituents of the composite

  • 3

    Filtration and settling

    Insoluble are separated by primary filtration and contamination by secondary filtration

  • 4

    PVC precipitation

    The liquid PVC is now precipitating

  • 5


    The wet PVC is dried into a ready-to-use compound

Closed circuit

A multi-stage recovery process is used to regenerate the solvent:
Evaporation - Condensation - Separation of the aqueous phase.
Given the process temperatures (around 100°C), the solvent does not degrade.

A tailor-made solution adapted
to the manufacturers and processors needs

Details of Polyloop equipment

The polyloop equipment is deployed in containers of a maximum size of 40 feet.

It can be deployed directly on industrial sites and has little impact on the regulatory constraints of industrial sites (ICPE).

Once configured, the system can be operated by a production operator.

Operating maintenance of 1st level is very simplified. The maintenance of 2sd level is performed by our specialized teams, with remote monitoring of the installation's performance.

0 Batches per day

Maximum processing rate

0 Tons

Maximum annual capacity

A little history

Serge Ferrai and Solvay have designed, operated and tested the Texyloop® process.
for 20 years on an industrial scale.



« However, we ran into the realities of the market:
customers only want to recover
the materials that matters in their waste.
Plus, on our side too much waste centralization
led us to major constraints
of regulation and exploitation. »

Time for 4.0 recycling


Objective: to move from the heavy centralized industry
to a modular lightweight integrated equipment


Polyloop offers custom equipment
for a reasonable investment
to graft the circular economy
at the heart of your industrial processes. 

Our customers are looking for recyclable polymers

Jean-Luc DUBOIS - Scientific director - ARKEMA


Romain Ferrari
Polyloop - Co-founder

Engineer from the Navy, Romain designed industrial production units and exercised his talents as a humanist visionary in the family group Serge Ferrari by leading the Texyloop process from the 1990s until the plant's shutdown in 2018.

Romain Ferrari
Polyloop - Co-founder
Gabriel Faysse
Polyloop - Co-founder

Gabriel's expertise in the development of international b2b markets in the field of renewable energies and the lightening of materials through a strategic vision of energy efficiency.

Gabriel Faysse
Polyloop - Co-founder
Juliette Richard
Communication manager

In charge of global communication: community management, graphic design, press relations, website, editing, etc.

Juliette Richard
Communication manager
Paolo Groppi
Polyloop - Italian ambassador

Paolo is in charge of promoting Polyloop in Italy and of finding prospects likely to host a Polyloop unit.

Paolo Groppi
Polyloop - Italian ambassador
Gabriel Duaux - R&D Project Manager
Gabriel Duaux
Polyloop - R&D Project Manager

Gabriel, who has a PhD in Polymer Materials Engineering, carries out feasibility studies at Polyloop by defining or optimising suitable processes.

Gabriel Duaux
Polyloop - R&D Project Manager
Julie Savonitto-Ingénieure Développement Polyloop
Julie Savonitto
Polyloop - Ingénieure développement

Julie participe à la R&D aux côtés de Karine en qualifiant les matières, optimisant le procédé. Elle s’occupe également des relations commerciales.

Julie Savonitto
Polyloop - Ingénieure développement
Claire Isierte
Ingénieure laboratoire

Effectue aux côtés de Gabriel Duaux les tests de recyclabilité des composites de nos clients et des travaux de R&D pour les futures activités de Polyloop.

Claire Isierte
Ingénieure laboratoire
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