Your products are subject to the DASRI regulations when they are used. However, the Polyloop process treats your waste at over 100° and therefore sterilises it. Uncontaminated products are directly recyclable by the Polyloop process. It allows the regeneration of a crystal PVC suitable for packaging and thermoforming.

Do you manufacture and/or use flexible PVC-based composite materials in the medical industry? Blood and infusion bags, transfusion tubes, medicine blister packaging, oxygen masks etc.

Are you looking:

For an efficient and high quality recycling solution?

To obtain your own recycled raw material from your materials?

To produce recycled items in a new range.

Polyloop has the solution with its innovative recycling process adapted to your needs.

Recycle your waste and integrate your recycled raw materials in your production or in new articles.

Any doubts? Need proof? You can test the eligibility of your waste on our process by subscribing to our validation process.

Our recyclability tests for PVC composites