Today, Polyloop is a team of eight people with varied profiles to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Romain Ferrari

Co-founder & CEO

A humanist visionary, Romain exercised his talents in the Serge Ferrari family group by leading the Texyloop project from the 90s until the plant shutdown in 2018. Grand master of the process, Romain is in charge of the technical development of the project and oversees the design of our recycling units.

Gabriel Faysse

Co-founder and CMO

Serial-entrepreneur of the environment, Gabriel marks out his career as an initiator of innovative businesses, always linked to sustainable development. Gabriel manages the development of new markets, the business development strategy and the relationship with institutional and financial partners.

Juliette Richard

Communication officer

As a Swiss army knife, Juliette takes care of 360 ° communication: press relations, website, social networks ... She highlights the development and know-how of Polyloop. Join us on Linkedin!

Gabriel Duaux

R&D Project Manager

Doctor of Materials, Gabriel is responsible for internal R&D. He supervises laboratory experiments and even disruptive tests in order to remove technological barriers for ever more recyclable materials by Polyloop. Gabriel coordinates interactions with our laboratories partner.

Paolo Groppi

Commercial Export Italy

After a rich career in PVC in Italy, Paolo joined Polyloop out of his convictions of possible recycling among his contacts, he was responsible for Polyloop’s commercial relations with Italian compounders and processors.

Emmanuelle Despesse

Administrative assistant

Emmanuelle assists us in the administrative management of Polyloop. She provides support in the areas of HR, financing / subsidies and training.