The birth of Polyloop

It was in the minds of Romain Ferrari and Gabriel Faysse that Polyloop was born in 2019, with the deep conviction that waste should no longer travel, but that it is the compact recycling solution that should come to the industrial.
Reassured by the proven efficiency of the recycling process and that the market for PVC composite materials would only have a future if they can be recycled AND recycled: Gabriel and Romain develop the revolutionary approach of integrated 4.0 recycling units on the manufacturing sites for these materials.

Polyloop sees further, without seeing bigger

We no longer believe in big evenings, but in a multitude of small mornings: small initiatives, effective on their scale, relevant for the actors who are using them. The Drôme startup is launching the complete downscaling (re) development of the process, this time integrated into small containerized units. It is in a few months, the transition from computer to smartphone, from the factory to the compact recycling unit. These, easily transportable, are installed directly on the site of the industrial manufacturer.

Today, with Polyloop, the circular economy is becoming a reality on a small scale, within the industrial perimeter and responds is responding to the pain point of the plastics industry players who can then find a dedicated, relevant and profitable recycling solution!

Polyloop innovates today, for tomorrow

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