To always stay remain in the loop and stay the course towards our goals, we don’t want to lose sight of what drives is driving, motivates motivating and helps helping us to surpass ourselves.

Act now without leaving the management of our waste to future generations!

In 2021, many recycling solutions do exist and are still emerging from the ground, the recycling shift has really been taken for the major waste streams of citizens’ daily lives. Where it gets stuck is on smaller sources, which do not justify an investment of tens of millions of euros in a factory. However, these “small sources” of complex waste contain gold … or almost! They end their life today in landfill as ultimate waste: can we assume that we are postponing their treatment for generations to come? We want to say NO! At Polyloop, we roll up our sleeves and address these small, complex PVC sources, by developing a technology capable of separating the different constituents to generate ready-to-use recycled raw materials and redirect this waste stream towards the circular economy.
We want to make our contribution, it’s our turn to act !

We are addressing one of the major problems of the world today: the recycling of plastics, of which the whose concentration in the oceans rightly worries scientists and all of us is rightly worrying scientists and all of us. It is by “taking” this abandoned “waste” out of the trash that we can put it back on the market, through its various constituents regenerated for a second life.

Among these sources, we find flexible composite PVCs. They surround us: What are you sitting on right now? What are your feet on the ground on? What ground are your feet on? What protects you from the rain under your tiles? Where are you going to take your nap in the garden?

Finally, with Polyloop, the waste buried until now will now be recyclable and reused in the same items from which it comes. Magical? If you like, but we prefer to talk about the circular economy here.

Will recycling the non-recyclable start tomorrow? No. Today!

Reversing received ideas: innovation in practices

Is it innovative to reuse an already proven process? No! Is it innovative to revolutionize its use through an interoperability function? Yes! The change in scale of our technology allows us to take responsibility for recycling “at home” thanks to the Smart Factory for manufacturers. Your waste contains your materials, don’t buy them twice!

Our passion for technology is the driving force behind the challenge we undertake to bring our innovation to life and looking look at the past in order to optimize use by a factor of 10 compared to previous industrial experience.

Thanks to our previous industrial experience and the acquired know-how, we are able to offer the market in record time a functional and reliable unit to allow plastics manufacturers to become pioneers in their field and to offer in turn, thanks to Polyloop, premium recycled materials.

Polyloop is at the service of industrial resilience thanks to the access to its own recycled material for the industry.

Our expertise at the service of tomorrow

Alone we go faster but together we go further.

We put our expertise at the service of innovation in the creation of a range of recycled materials for many sectors, thanks to the possibility of “recovering” your own material from your waste. Polyloop designs recycling solutions dedicated to your materials and meeting your expectations.

The company is surrounded by the best public and private laboratories bringing together cross-cutting and cutting-edge expertise in understanding the physico-chemical phenomena involved in the use of polymer materials.

A combination of talents

For such a mission, we have formed a solid, multidisciplinary team.