Polyloop: committed to sustainability

SWhile the medical and digital sectors are at the top of the French fundraising list, 4.0 industry and recycling don’t benefit to such interest. In this field of expertise, Polyloop as a disruptive innovation in recycling practices, and goes against the race for ever greater size. This innovative market positioning allows the young start-up to stand out with a solution offering the possibility to avoid landfill from high quality waste streams.

Seed fundraising: development of the industrial pilot

After a proven laboratory phase since 2020, Polyloop is moving up a gear by upscaling its solution from an experimental pilot to an industrial demonstrator.

Supported by a future investment programme (PIA 3 Eco-cir), the company is strengthening its resources by raising seed capital with regional investment funds (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) specialising in early-stage and impact investment. At this stage, the company has chosen to privilege the presence of VC on its board with the goal to keep opened its recycling solution to all sectors: building industry, outdoor, industry, medical…

The actual fundraising is planned for summer 2021, the due-diligence phase having already been completed.

If you are interested in joining this round, please ask for our deck and be part of the adventure.

Series A: commercial deployment

Once the MVP will be validated with a first French industrial customer, Polyloop will deploy its solution in small units with plastics processors and recyclers on the European market from 2023.

Thus, the proven technology enables the company to scale up of its business model and the deployment of its commercial strategy. At that time, the company will call for a second round of financing Series A This will allow Polyloop to benefit from its own assembly line and logistics base and to set up its maintenance services around the world.