PVC waste deposits represent a technical blockage to traditional recovery methods: difficulty in chemical recycling (chlorinated, formation of HCl) and very limited use in SRF (less than 2%).

This waste must therefore be excluded from existing techniques and can be recovered using the Polyloop technology dedicated to PVC composites. Landfill as final waste can thus be avoided.

Are you looking to:

Recover fatal energy on your processing site?

Isolate PVC from your incoming material flows?

Distribute high quality recycled raw material?

Offer high value recycling solutions for your industrial customers?

Polyloop has the solution with its innovative recycling process adapted to your needs.

Recycle your waste and integrate your recycled raw materials in your production or in new articles.

Any doubts? Need proof? You can test the eligibility of your waste on our process by subscribing to our validation process.